About Us

Peter’s 40-year history as an investment analyst gives him insight into the inner workings of Wall Street.   Early in his career, Peter worked for Charles Schwab as the company’s strategic analysis.  After Schwab, Peter helped launch two investment firms that quickly grew into billion-dollar managers.

In 1986 Peter founded Money Manager Review http://www.managerreview.com, an online database that tracks the performance of the nation’s leading money managers.  MMR produces unbiased, in-depth reports on hundreds of the world’s leading private investment managers. MMR subscribers can quickly sort, rank, and analyze institutional money managers. Thousands of high net worth individuals, wealth management consultants, plan sponsors, and foundations continue to rely on MMR to analyze private managers. 

Using his 40 years of Wall Street experience, Peter launched World Capital Management in 2018.  Peter realized that indexes could be modified to improve investment performance.  Peter’s indexes include companies growing several times faster than the market averages.  To control risk, the portfolio’s holdings are distributed by company size.  WCM domiciles its trading accounts at Golden Sachs to automate index models and to lower fees.

World Capital Management (WCM) and Money Manager Review (MMR) are affiliated and registered with the California Department of Corporations under the California Corporate Securities Act of 1968.

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Our Team

WCM’s support staff includes Chandriga Chantraan, RIA, Web Developer & Office Manager and
Babu (WCM’s Technology Director) 

Peter Walker

Founder & Chairman

Chandriga Chantraan

CFO, RIA and Office Manager

Shahanur Sharif

WCM’s Technology Director