Philosophy, Process and People

World Capital Management practices the 3-P’s…Philosophy,  Process and People.

  • Philosophy: WCM’s goal is complete client satisfaction, superior returns, diversified risk-adverse investment management, and consistent portfolio growth. Our core investment philosophy embraces a combination of proven economic research and portfolio diversification.

    In 2013, economist Robert Shiller received the Nobel Prize for his work on stock market pricing. Shiller’s research showed that the market’s future performance is highly correlated to its long-term, inflation-adjusted earnings ratios. Shiller’s results disproved the theory that market returns are random or that it was impossible to beat the market benchmarks. WCM mission is to bring the benefits of Shiller’s ground breaking investment methodology to our clients.


  •  Process: The global economy provides investment opportunities due to the cyclical nature of international markets.  While at times some global markets may be overpriced, others may be equally underpriced.  WCM applies Shiller’s Nobel Prize winning research to take advantage of those investment opportunities.  WCM actively monitors over 3 dozen major country indexes and invests in those markets having the most favorable Shiller P/E ratios.  WCM invests using ETF’s so that portfolios can benefit from high liquidity, low cost, and maximum diversification.  On average, WCM’s portfolio hold positions in 7 to 12 major markets that may include 100s of the world’s largest publically traded companies.


  • People: WCM‘s ability as an investment manager is dependent on the strength of its management team.  WCM’s principles have decades of experience in their respective investment, economic, and technical areas.  Please refer to the About Us to learn more about the expertise of our team members.