Our History

World Capital Management (WCM) fills an investment niche overlooked by most of today’s investment firms. While there have been many approaches to stock market investing, most have failed to demonstrate an improvement over a long-term, buy-and-hold strategy. Studies have shown that a buy and hold strategy has a 75% better long-term outcome when compared to actively managed accounts. This has led to hundreds of billions of dollars flowing out of actively traded accounts and into passive ETF indexes over the past 15 years.

Nobel Prize winning research by Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University demonstrated that price adjusted P/E ratios is a good indicator of a market’s futures market value. This led WCM to apply Shiller’s market valuations to broad global market indexes. Today WCM invests in diversified world markets where Shiller’s research indicates the greatest potential return.

Our Team

Peter Walker

Peter Walker has over 40 years of experience with major investment management firms. As founder and CEO of World Capital Management, Peter is an early adopter of Professor Shiller’s Nobel Prize-winning investment research showing stock markets to be inefficient. Peter has also pioneered the adoption of ETF’s to diversify investments over broad global markets. Peter advocates investing in diversify, out of favor, global markets using low-cost ETFs. Through his partnership with Gary Harloff, Ph.D.., WCM has developed a capitalized, world market index that shows both the current value of combined world markets and the relative values of individual markets.

Peter is also founder and CEO of Money Manager Review (MMR), a thirty-year-old firm that tracks the performance of the nation’s leading money managers. WCM is an affiliate of MMR which is an approved Registered Investment Advisor registered the Department and governed by the California Corporate Securities Act of 1968. Prior to founding MMR, Peter held positions at several of Wall Street’s leading investment firms. These included Charles Schwab and Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. In the 1980’s, Peter was also instrumental in the creation and success of several money managers that went on to become billion dollar management firms.

Gary Harloff

Gary Harloff is head of technical research at WCM. Prior to becoming a money manager, Dr. Harloff earned a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. He has roughly 100 classified and unclassified publications. He worked for about 27 years in AeroSpace and Energy including 10 years at NASA in Cleveland as a contractor in the area of computational fluid dynamics and aeronautics. His math modeling background led to significant developments in investment methodology.

Gary’s formed Harloff Inc. in 1981 as a registered investment advisor in 1994. In his article “Dynamic Asset Allocation: Beyond Buy-and-Hold”, feature article in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine in January 1998, he illustrates how to beat the buy-and-hold strategy with dynamic Asset Allocation. One of his original proprietary indicators is the Harloff Value Index, HVI. This universal index quantifies investment opportunity in mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and indexes in many types of markets and countries He recently developed University Beta Strategies™ to market-time equity, bonds, energy, precious metals, emerging market equity, and U.S. dollar. Gary brings decades of math and market analytics to the WMC team.

Shahanur Sharif

Shahanur Sharif is WCM’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As head of WCM’s technology development team, Shahanur is responsible for developing data presentations, digitalizing marketing processes, and management tools. His expertise includes software development and delivery, especially in the areas of engineering techniques and software architecture.

Prior to joining WCM, Shahanur founded MicroDreamIT, a software company. Shahanur is widely recognized in the software industry for being the developer for Shapecss, a framework. He was a the core developer of a French telecom company, Assouka Telecom. Other major he have done is Tailor4less, Orange Box Lab and HandyBaba.

Shahanur is proficient in Php, Python, Laravel framework, ES-6, VueJs, core Javascript, Database design and coding, Ubuntu, Sass, Git, Npm, Gulp, Magento, Nginx, WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify and holds an open source code license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Shanhanur contributions to WCM’s daily operations are instrumental to WCM’s continuing success.