World Capital Management is an independent, fee-only investment adviser. We offer a low fee, diversified portfolio using a strategy intended to protect capital in major bear markets.  WCM tracks 26 major global indexes. In a survey of over 100 stock market timers, Timer Digest rates Gary Harloff, PhD., our head of investment research, as one of their top market timers1.

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Disclosure: Results are believed to be accurate and are not guaranteed. The information presented herein is subject to updating, completing, revising, verification, and amendment without notice. Results are gross of money management fees and trading costs. Investors may lose principal in the stock market. The strategy results reflect hypothetical, back-tested results from Oct. 1995 until Oct. 1, 2017 and actual performance from Oct. 2, 2017 until Dec. 29, 2017 and have inherent limitations including (1) strategy results do not reflect results of actual trading and were achieved by retroactive application of the referenced portfolios with thus use of hindsight, (2) material marketing and economic factors are reflected in comparison with average world (average of 13 single country ETF’s), no expenses, (3) clients may experience materially different results going forward as past performance does not guarantee future performance. 1Gary Harloff, Ph.D, World Capital Management’s director of investment research, is ranked in the January 29, 2018 issue of Timer Digest ( as being in the top 3 S&P 500 performing money managers for the past 3, 5, 8 and 10 year periods out of 100 market timers surveyed.  Performances shown are hypothetical based on Dr. Harloff’s newsletter Harloff’s the Intelligent Fund Investor.