World Capital Management

World Capital Management is an investment manager that specializes in identifying undervalued global markets. We use EFTs to invest in world markets based on Yale Professor Robert Shiller’s Nobel Prize-winning economic research.

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In a recent interview, Yale University Professor Robert Shiller’s, “Why it’s become hard to predict the markets” talks about currents factors influencing the stock and bond markets.

World Capital Management Performance

World Capital Value Index

As of end of August, 2017 the Capitalized World Cape Index is 23.6, the long term average is 20.4, and standard deviation is 6.7.  The Index is within plus or minus one standard deviation.  The Capitalized World Cape Index is 15.7% above the long term average and is considered to be slightly overvalued at this time.

An Interview with Dr. Gary Harloff, Ph.D.


A Special Interview with Gary Harloff, Ph.D

Head of Investment Research.